La Palma

Bar – Restaurant – Tapas

With the love and affection that mothers project, this is how La Palma bar – restaurant in Estepona was born.
This meeting place located in the nerve center of the city, owes its name to the first surname of the matriarch of the family, María Palma Márquez, and progenitor of Francisco, its owner, who opened it in 1964 .
Since that date, and after more than five decades of good service to its varied clientele, La Palma has seen time pass through its door improving every day and becoming a benchmark in the hotel industry.
His place has witnessed closed deals, comings and goings. It has seen men and women grow. It is living history.
It is common to take it as a meeting point, so that after tasting its tasty and rich menu, see your friend, enjoy with your family or spend a pleasant time in the busy and beautiful Calle Terraza.
Only places with tradition, those of a lifetime and those that inspire confidence can be perpetuated in history.
But, in addition to striving to be better every day, what is truly important and the reason for not losing hope is to offer our customers a good service and make them feel at home.
Come and enjoy. We wait for you.






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